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Gig work — reimagined

As the gig economy evolves, so do the opportunities to turn our time into income without the need for professional skills. Let’s face it, people need each other, and thanks to technology, we can assist one another faster and easier all while making a buck.

Receive VIEWs in ScrutinEyes

ScrutinEyes one-ups the common gig app by giving you the freedom of a side gig that’s neither time-consuming nor demanding. When you register as an EYE, job requests will start coming your way — called VIEWs.

A VIEW request is simple — and only asks you to travel to a specified location, take some pictures and videos in coordination with the client request, and upload everything with a short summary and description.

Great Value For Our EYES

At ScrutinEyes, we place great value on our EYES — and show it with the freedom and consideration you expect from a truly modern gig platform. There are no hourly requirements, and you don’t get de-ranked for not being active enough. You always have the option to decline VIEWs, and can even set filters with personalized criteria on the types of VIEWs you prefer.

We take a flat percentage of each transaction’s value as commission, and scale your profits based on the rates — which means that if the price of the VIEW goes up, so do your earnings.

We’re excited to announce that registration is now open for residents of the Charlotte, NC area. If you’re interested in bringing ScrutinEyes to a city near you, please don’t hesitate to fill out the interest form at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions for EYES

ScrutinEyes is a straightforward and easy-to-use application that lets people make money by checking out products and locations on behalf of others who can’t see for themselves. Whether it takes too long or is too far of a journey, it’s not always convenient or possible to see the things we want to buy or rent — and taking the seller’s word for it doesn’t always end well.

That’s where EYES come in. Think of it like providing a tailored photo/video review — from relocating and renting apartments to buying houses and vehicles, moving to new places and more, EYES offer an invaluable service through an unbiased examination of the product in question.

Without having to leave home, your client can find out everything they need to know about the product they want — with your help as an impartial third party. 

You don’t need any professional expertise, work attire or equipment. Just your phone and a willingness to take great pictures or videos while providing the descriptions your client appreciates.

Making money with ScrutinEyes can be no different than running an errand, except you get paid. You can do your VIEW while running around town, on your way back from work, or in your free time. ScrutinEyes is a genuine side gig — because it doesn’t get in the way of your lifestyle or ask for all your effort and time.

At ScrutinEyes, our motto is “Gig economy without all the miserable parts” — and we fully stand by that. If you’re a college student, stay-at-home parent, digital nomad or retiree looking for a simple, no-nonsense way to make side income, you’ll make the perfect EYE.

RAOK stands for Random Act of Kindness. 

At ScrutinEyes, our platform connects clients with EYES to make rental and purchase transactions more transparent. But as a practical technology solution, we also wanted to offer something special to our users — and that’s the opportunity to request and give Random Acts of Kindness. 

A RAOK is not a paid service. It’s the freedom to request an act of kindness—like a video of a sunrise, a picture of childhood initials carved into a tree, or a trip down memory lane at a place you haven’t seen in years—and give one out for that feel-good energy of doing something nice. RAOK is completely optional and has no standing on your account with ScrutinEyes. Turn RAOK requests off and on anytime, for when you’re too busy — or in a giving mood and looking to pay it forward.

Once a VIEW has been completed, it enters a payment clearance period of 14 days after which you can withdraw the funds. A client will have the option of raising a dispute for 72 hours after your submission in case they have an issue with the VIEW.

Yes, you can only have 5 uncompleted VIEW requests active at a time. The more uncompleted VIEWs you have, the less likely you are to receive new VIEW requests. This ensures that there are always more opportunities waiting for you and your fellow EYES the moment you’re available, and that no client requests go unattended. We recommend starting out with 1 or 2 VIEWs at a time until you’ve gotten the hang of it and know how much you can take on before you’re ready for more.

No. You always have the option to decline or ignore VIEWs without it affecting your status on ScrutinEyes. We’re very proud of this feature and giving people the freedom to earn income literally whenever they want. 

ScrutinEyes is currently available in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. We are quickly scaling to launch our services in more cities across the country and coming to a city near you! Sign up via our interest form below to stay updated on all our locations.

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