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The service you’ve always dreamed of — and an app that makes it come true.

Before apps like ScrutinEyes, we were all kind of on our own. Buying things through ads or online was notoriously fraught with risk — you just never knew what you were going to get. But seeing it for yourself wasn’t always an option — unless wasting your time was.

The Idea Behind ScrutinEyes

ScrutinEyes was inspired by the frustrations of its founders when relocating for work in new towns, with apartment-hunting misadventures that drained equal amounts of patience, time and energy. When you have to resort to viewing or buying online, you end up making big decisions based on descriptions and photos that can misrepresent reality — or completely overlook the most important details.

But driving or flying to another city just for an uncertain view is hardly practical, especially when you have a full-time job or a family and can’t make the trip. And even if you can, you might end up wasting time, gas or airfare just to find out that used car isn’t exactly in “perfect condition”, or that sparkling new rental you saw online is worse for the wear than when it was built.

Thanks to ScrutinEyes, rolling the dice on things you can’t actually see is a thing of the past. Let us be your EYES — and connect you with an independent third party who shows you what you need to see so you can make a fully informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions for Clients

Looking at apartments or houses in a new city? Making a purchase in a distant location? ScrutinEyes is an application that empowers buyers to evaluate future transactions with the help of an impartial third party. We’ve taken the gig economy to a whole new level — and you can now hire real people to check out products and places you can’t see for yourself. 

With ScrutinEyes, you can avoid wasting time and money on traveling only to be disappointed by what you find. Instead, you’ll connect with a qualified local to act as your EYES — and get a detailed analysis of the product or property through personalized videos, photos and descriptions. Everything is done right through the application, and the knowledge you acquire will help you make a fully informed decision right from the comfort of home.

Looking at photos online is a great start. Unfortunately, what you’re looking at is typically posted in a partial manner — with the end goal being a speedy transaction.  

Online photos of products or locations can misrepresent their current condition, where the attractive pictures you see may be dated, staged for appeal, or fake altogether. But apart from legitimacy, ads and their contacts may fail to answer personalized questions — such as if your couch will fit in the living room space, what the surrounding area of your wedding venue looks like, or if that upholstery stain is as “small” as the seller claims. There’s only one way to know for sure — ScrutinEyes it!

RAOK stands for Random Act of Kindness. 

At ScrutinEyes, our platform connects clients with EYES to make rental and purchase transactions more transparent. But as a practical technology solution, we also wanted to offer something special to our users — and that’s the opportunity to request and give Random Acts of Kindness. 

A RAOK is not a paid service. It’s the freedom to request an act of kindness—like a video of a sunrise, a picture of childhood initials carved into a tree, or a trip down memory lane at a place you haven’t seen in years. Completing RAOKs is completely optional for our EYES, so when you have one fulfilled, remember to pay it forward.

At ScrutinEyes, we make the side gig opportunity available to everyone — which gets you the results you need quickly, affordably and without delay. Your EYES will be an independent third party contracted to assess your requested VIEW with your personalized needs in mind. However, we do not advertise or claim professional certifications of our EYES and are not a replacement for professional consultation. If your EYES just happens to have experience in the field and makes it known in their description of your VIEW — bonus! 

In the case you require a qualified consultation in review of a product or location, please get in touch with a local professional. 

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and any dispute will be reviewed by our administration team the moment it’s raised. For your assurance, you’ll have 72 hours to review and approve your VIEW after it’s completed. If the dispute is ruled in your favor, you will be eligible for a full or partial refund.

Absolutely! If your EYES has met or exceeded your expectations, feel free to show your thanks with a tip.

ScrutinEyes is currently available in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas. We are quickly scaling to launch our services in more cities across the country and coming to a city near you! Sign up via our interest form below to stay updated on all our locations.

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